Barn East of Retail Rowe-fortnite chest-map,loot-map

In Fortnite Battle Royale, there’s a yard to the east that contains a barn full of loot. This location is the small fenced-in plot of buildings on the east side of the map, just east of Retail Rowe and southwest of the Lonely Lodge. The main building of this lot is a big red barn, which is where you’ll have the best chances of finding multiple chests and loot.

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There’s no entrance, so you’ll have to break your way into the barn using your pickaxe. Make your way to the rooftop either by gliding onto it from the Battle Bus or by building a ramp from the ground level. Swing your pickaxe to bust through the roof and loot the goodies in the upper floor. Be sure to search the area for other weapons and resources as well.


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