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The 3DS version has a unique feature which allows players to choose between modern 3D graphics or a 2D version that looks similar to the SNES entries in the series. At some points in the game, you’ll be able to see the 3D version on the top screen and the 2D view on the bottom. Other times the bottom screen will be taken up by menus, maps, and the like, but you’ll have the choice to switch between playing the 2D or 3D version throughout the game.

If you love the gameplay of the Elder Scrolls games, but would like a world more grounded in real historical events, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the game for you. Kingdom Come takes you to 15th century Bohemia and features a realistic depiction of real-world castles and villages. The realistic focus extends to combat as well. Armor, clothing, and weapons will be period-accurate and timing, positioning, and the direction of your strike will factor heavily in whether you’ll stay alive or not.

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Kingdom Come has a classless leveling system in which the more you do an action, the stronger you’ll get with it. If you want to be a thief or a rogue, keep using a dagger and bow as well as sneaking and pickpocketing, and you’ll eventually get better at doing those actions. Additionally, the equipment system seems exceptionally robust, with 16 active item slots that let you layer clothing in the same style that fighters did in the middle ages. This game is on track to be a unique and enthralling experience.

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